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May - Omineca Spring, Wild Bounty (Morels, Fiddleheads and more), Trout Fishing   Break-up. Ice is off area Lakes. We're at 1000m (3000ft.) alt.
     First week of May Omineca Lodge opens.
Bears are out of hibernation and are forging heavily.
     Rainbow Trout are spawning in streams.
Trout fishing on lakes picks up.
     Morels our choice edible spring mushrooms appear.
Fresh greens like wild bear Asparagus sprout.
     Eagles are paired and nesting.
Hummingbirds arrive at Omineca Lodge from Mexico.
June - Dry Fly Fishing, Wildlife Viewing, Long Days   The country is green and beautiful.
     The last of Spring Moose Calves are born.
Hatches of Caddis & Mayflies accelerate as the days warm.
     Trout activity heats up and Dry Fly Fishing is hot.

Rivers and lakes are reaching high water.
     Rainbow spawning season ends.
Herb gives lessons in Fly Fishing for novices
   and shares Fish Stories.
He can also teach a simple and delicious way
   to smoke the trout you caught yourself.
Loon pairs are hatching their young.
     Longest Day and Shortest Night - June 21
Sunrises at 4:30 am.
July - Big Caddis Hatches, Canoeing, Fly-Outs, Salmon Runs   As our waters warm waders don't have be neoprene.
     Dry Fly fishing with Elkhair Caddis and Stimulators.
Float-Tube Fishing on our Trophy Walk-In Lakes.
     Float Plane Fly-outs all season long. Overnight or Day-Trip.
First Salmon runs enter Stuart watershed from the Fraser River.
   We guide Adventure River Trips* during these runs
   (July-Sept) as we follow the Salmon into the Big Country.

    *Fishing and Adventure Photography/Sight-Seeing
Bears, Eagles, Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden & others
  gather in pursuit of the Sockeye Salmon and their Eggs.
Nights grow longer.
  The Milky Way becomes visible again after disappearing
   from sight during the bright nights of early summer.
August - Nymph Fishing, River Trips, Hiking, Swimming   Days are long and warm. Get out the Sun screen.
     Water stays cool so fishing at Omineca Lodge is still good.
Big Lake Rainbow move into Rivers and Streams where
   the Salmon runs are building.
     Eaglets begin leaving the nest.
Moose Calves loose the reddish colour they sported in their
   first months and take on the camoflage brown of their mothers.
Dragonfly nymphs and leeches become an important
   summer food for Trout.

Continued hatches keep the action on the surface.
The last snow melts from Grizzly Mountain.
   Great time for a mountain hike.
   Warm weather and mountain flowers are in full bloom.
The Milky way is a great stream of stars across the sky.
   Shooting Star season begins (also chance for Auroras).
   Frank can teach you easy-to-recognize Summer Constellations.
September - Big Rainbows, River Canoeing, Mushrooms, Shooting Stars   Trophy Lake and Home Lake fishing still good.
   Probably hottest time for River Fishing. Day Trip or longer.
Kokanee join the spawning Sockeye in the Rivers.
   Late summer/fall mushroom season begins:
   Red Caps, King Bolete and more.
  (mmm, grilled with olive oil, salt and pepper over the campfire!)
Nights crisp.
   The Moose Rut begins.

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